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Secure Storage

Motion Micro is proud to offer a range of storage solutions. Across multiple capacities, interfaces (USB, SSD, M.2 PCIem, CF, SD, Micro SD, and others), and grades (Industrial, Commercial, or OEM). The below are some of the security features available.

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Contact us to discuss your encryption requirements, and suitable products.
E.g. AES 256-bit Encryption


A range of erase options are offered, to help protect your valuable data.

Write Protect

We offer products with Write Protection, either software or a physical switch on the card.

Erasure & Destruction

Many designs require more than an off the shelf product to meet your system’s requirements. Our team is available to discuss the many erase, erase & overwrite options offered by our award winning manufacturers. 


Some options include not just wiping your disk drive, but physical or digital destruction. 

Below are some of the stringent requirements that our memory solutions can meet:

  • FIPS 140-2 Federal Information Processing Standard
  • AES 256-bit Hardware encryption
  • MIL-erase Standards
    • NSA 9-12
    • DoD 5220.22-M
    • NSA Manual 130-2
    • USA-AF AFSSI 5020
    • NISPOMSUP Chap 8, Sect. 8-501
    • IREC (IRIG) 106
    • USA Navy NAVSO P-5239-26 specification

After activating the Destroy function, SSDs can no longer be used. This is most useful when an SSD is about to fall into the hands of unauthorized users or hackers. Activating the Destroy function destroys all data on the drive. The main SSD damage modes are divided into Physical Destruction, or Digital Destruction.

Looking for something else? Reach out to our team to discuss the additional memory formats & options we have to offer. 

Additional Resources

Below are a few of the additional features offered by some of our suppliers:

Apacer Industrial – Security Features

Cactus Technologies – Unique Features

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