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Power & Thermal Management


With our extensive history and experience in power and thermal management, our team can provide unmatched engineering support as you select your power supply, EMI filter, transformer or custom heat sink, for your next application.


AC-DC power and external power supplies

Motion Micro has been specializing in AC-DC switching power supplies, Medical power modules, AC-DC power modules and external AC-DC bricks and custom solutions for many years. Together, with our partners, we have consistently delivered high quality, cost effective products that include custom configurations and international safety certifications to Canadian OEMs, for a wide variety of applications


DC-DC power, POL

Flex Power Modules designs and manufactures board-mounted DC/DC conversion products that target the following key markets: telecom, data center applications, industrial and transportation


Power Magnetics & Transformers

The past few years have seen an explosion in the RENEWABLE & GREEN ENERGY space. We’ve been very active with customers across Canada providing power magnetics, toroidal transformers and more for applications that include solar Inverters, EV chargers, intelligent battery management & power rectifiers


Thermal Management – fans, blowers & heat sinks

With our partner, Jaro, we provide cutting edge thermal-cooling solutions that extend the life of electronic components and circuits across many industries and applications.


Die Casting

Together, with our partners, we offer technical services, product consultation and simulations to assist customers needing cost effective die cast solutions for a wide array of industrial and automotive applications