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Flash Memory – Industrial, OEM, Commercial & Consumer Grades

Below is a brief overview of Industrial, OEM & Commercial Grade memory offered. Motion Micro and our network of suppliers offer many additional features not listed below. For further information, please reach out.


Industrial Grade – What is it?

Industrial Grade products are based on SLC NAND, SLC stands for Single Level Cell and signifies a single bit is stored in each cell. Due to only one bit being stored and the larger manufacturing geometries of the SLC NAND cell they are inherently more reliable than any other NAND flash.

If you want the most reliable products for your application, choose Industrial Grade.


OEM Grade – What is it?

OEM Grade products are based on pSLC NAND, which stands for Pseudo Single Level Cell NAND and is the same MLC NAND as used in Commercial Grade. The difference is the MLC NAND is set in a mode which only the top and bottom states are used, thereby cutting the capacity in half but increase the endurance by 6 times the MLC.

OEM Grade offers better pricing than Industrial Grade.

Motion Micro’s suppliers offer OEM Grade solutions, many options with the added benefit of a locked BOM (Bill-Of-Material) so what you initially qualify is what you receive for your ongoing production orders.

Commercial Grade – What is it?

Commercial Grade products are based on MLC NAND, MLC stands for Multi Level Cell and signifies a product which stores 2-bits per cell. This requires 4 voltage states to represent 00, 01, 10 & 11.

Why do people use MLC NAND? Because it’s much less expensive than SLC NAND and may be acceptable if their application does not need the higher reliability and longer life cycles of Industrial Grade.

Contact us for further information on a locked Bill of Materials (BOM).

Consumer Grade – What is it?

Consumer Grade products are built for lowest cost and in some cases highest performance. They use a lower cost NAND flash which today is TLC NAND. TLC stands for Tri Level Cell and signifies storing voltage at 8 different levels in the cell to represent 3-bits (000, 001, 010, 011, 100, 101, 110, 111).


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