Test and Measurement

Signal integrity – one stop shopping

Motion Micro Solutions has been servicing leading telecom and datacom OEMs for more than ten years. We offer cost effective test equipment for standards compliance verification, characterization and manufacturing testing of high speed electrical and optical systems


  • Family of programmable optical filters
  • High resolution spectrum analyzers for advanced photonics testing

OPTICAL – Multilane

  • Instruments – DSO, BERT, HCB, Loopback modules
  • Data rates – 10G to 400G
  • Modulation – NRZ, PAM4, QPSK, QAM

RF & Microwave – RF Lambda

  • Connectorized Tx/Rx modules, 0-67Ghz
  • Limiters, amplifiers, attenuators, mixers, hybrids
  • Wave guides & bench top amplifiers
  • Military/ITAR, Airborne, Satcom
rf lambda