Artila Bridges the Domain Knowledge of IT and OT with Node-RED

Artila Bridges the Domain Knowledge of IT and OT with Node-RED

When talking about Automation 4.0 or Internet of Things, it is never an easy job that can be accomplished by a single technical people, a task force or even a company. The IT people needs to learn Modbus, PLC logic, low level C language for I/O control and the OT people needs to know about database, ERP, and web technology. To bridges the technology gap between these two groups of people, Artila provides a ready to go IoT gateway,Matrix-700 embedded computer which supports Linux OS and Node-RED.

Node-RED is developed by IBM and is a visual wiring tool for internet of things. Simply drag and drop the nodes to your flow editor and connect and configure the nodes, then your application is ready to go. Node-RED uses browser to edit the node and flow and thank to the open social development that users can share their nodes and flows by importing and exporting of the library which are stored in JSON and managed by npm. Artila’s Matrix-700 provides a ready to go Node-RED to connect your industrial devices and push the field data and information to the database of backend server or even cloud and vice versa.




In addition to use Matrix as a gateway, Artila’s Remote I/O series can directly push sensor data to server and cloud. Artila’s RIO series support Modbus, Restful Web API, MQTT and Bluemix IoT which allow IT or OT people to directly access the sensor data and perform I/O control.




Artila IoT gateways provide you an open, ready to use application platform which can connect your industrial devices to server and cloud securely and effectively via Ethernet, Wireless LAN and 3G/LTE.






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