ams announces completion of transaction to acquire Heptagon and related capital increase

Premstaetten, Austria (24 January 2017) – ams (SIX: AMS), a leading worldwide supplier of high-performance sensor and analog solutions, announces the completion of the transaction to acquire 100% of the shares in Heptagon and the related capital increase of 11,011,281 new shares from authorized capital excluding subscription rights. ams announced on 24 October 2016 that the company had signed an agreement to acquire Heptagon, the worldwide leader in high performance optical packaging and micro-optics.

The upfront consideration for the transaction includes approximately USD 64 million in cash, 5,450,586 ams shares from currently held treasury shares as well as 11,011,281 new shares from authorized capital. The capital increase creating the 11,011,281 new shares from authorized capital was registered with the commercial register today and the shares are admitted to trading on the SIX Swiss Exchange from tomorrow, 25 January 2017, onwards. The total number of shares outstanding of ams AG will therefore be 84,419,826 no par value bearer shares with a calculated nominal value of EUR 1.00 per share.

Following the registration, the selling shareholders of Heptagon hold approximately 19.5% of the total registered share capital of ams. They are subject to a market standard, staggered lock-up obligation ending in the second quarter 2018.

Artila Bridges the Domain Knowledge of IT and OT with Node-RED

When talking about Automation 4.0 or Internet of Things, it is never an easy job that can be accomplished by a single technical people, a task force or even a company. The IT people needs to learn Modbus, PLC logic, low level C language for I/O control and the OT people needs to know about database, ERP, and web technology. To bridges the technology gap between these two groups of people, Artila provides a ready to go IoT gateway,Matrix-700 embedded computer which supports Linux OS and Node-RED.

Node-RED is developed by IBM and is a visual wiring tool for internet of things. Simply drag and drop the nodes to your flow editor and connect and configure the nodes, then your application is ready to go. Node-RED uses browser to edit the node and flow and thank to the open social development that users can share their nodes and flows by importing and exporting of the library which are stored in JSON and managed by npm. Artila’s Matrix-700 provides a ready to go Node-RED to connect your industrial devices and push the field data and information to the database of backend server or even cloud and vice versa.




In addition to use Matrix as a gateway, Artila’s Remote I/O series can directly push sensor data to server and cloud. Artila’s RIO series support Modbus, Restful Web API, MQTT and Bluemix IoT which allow IT or OT people to directly access the sensor data and perform I/O control.




Artila IoT gateways provide you an open, ready to use application platform which can connect your industrial devices to server and cloud securely and effectively via Ethernet, Wireless LAN and 3G/LTE.






Artila Releases New Cortex-A5 Based Industrial Embedded Linux Computer Matrix-700

Artila Electronics, the leading designer and manufacturer of embedded device networking and computing, is proud to release Matrix-700, Cortex-A5 based industrial embedded Linux computer.

Matrix-700 is such as fanless, long term stability, faster flash memory, flexible input / output function and smaller dimension, etc., powered by a ATMEL 536MHz ATSAMA5D35 Cortex-A5 CPU which is equipped with 512MB SDRAM, 8MB Flash and especially suitable for 24/7/365 non-stop running for unmanned application environment. The industrial embedded Linux computer of Matrix-700 features one Gigabit and one 10/100Mbps Ethernet ports, two USB 2.0 high speed (480Mbps) Host ports, four software configurable RS-232 / 485 serial ports, one microSD socket, one USB client port which can be powered directly and function as console.

Matrix-700 is shipped with Linux kernel 3.18.x and file system plus many software utilities such as web server, PHP, python, MySQL and SQLite. Users can download the Toolchain, Package Management from Artila web site. User also can use apt-get to upgrade Toolchain on local site via Ethernet. Webmin is available in Matrix-700 and is ready for customer’s web-based application. User can setup user accounts, Apache, DNS, file sharing and much more.

Low power consumption of Cortex-A5 processor plus high efficiency of Linux kernel 3.18.x and file system make Matrix-700 an ideal light weight computing platform for device networking and remote monitoring. We provide an easy way to upgrade kernel at the Artila website.

Cactus Technologies Exhibiting Latest Flash Storage Offering at Embedded World

Cactus Technologies, Ltd. will be exhibiting its latest flash storage offerings at Embedded World 2016 from February 23-25, 2016 in Nuremberg, Germany.

We encourage OEMs of Embedded, Industrial and Automotive electronic systems to visit us at our booth location of Hall 2 booth 2-101.

Steve Larrivee, VP Sales & Marketing of Cactus Technologies Ltd. said, “Embedded World is a leading show worldwide for embedded systems. Please visit us to see our latest flash storage products and discuss your OEM system requirements.”

Our extremely reliable, long life cycle, locked-BOM, industry leading Industrial Grade Flash Storage Products based on SLC NAND, such as CompactFlash, SD Cards, microSD, PC Card, mSATA, CFast, USB Flash Drive and other form factors will be on display.

In addition, our Commercial Grade products, based on MLC NAND, with locked-BOM control, such as CF, SD, CFast, mSATA and others will be exhibited.

New Flash Storage Products to be shown include:

  • New Series of Commercial Grade CF, SD, USB, SSD and others
  • High Capacity Commercial Grade 2TB/4TB SATA III SSD
  • Industrial USB Flash Drive

Joseph Chang, Vice President of Engineering, remarked, “Technical staff will be available at the show to discuss particular OEM embedded design requirements and describe in-depth our product features to meet these needs.”

For over 10 years, Cactus Technologies has been supporting OEMs Worldwide with the highest reliability Industrial Embedded Flash Storage Products using industry leading controller technology and industrial strength flash memory.

Our Industrial products enable OEM’s systems to operate without a fault in the harshest and most mission critical environments. In addition, Cactus offers Commercial Grade embedded products based on MLC NAND, which have Locked-BOM and Extended Life Cycles for budget limited applications.

Artila Releases Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Sensors and Actuators Solution

Artila is proud to release the enhanced RIO-2010, the new generation of web enabled data acquisition and control module with MQTT support. MQTT is a lightweight publish / subscribe messaging protocol which is an OASIS standard and is ideal for sensor and device communication with low network bandwidth.

RIO-2010 is equipped with MAXIM 1-wire bus to acquire temperature data from DS18B20 digital thermometer, 16 isolated digital input channels to monitor the high / low status and 8 relays to perform On/Off control. The built-in web server is used to configure the alarm settings, On/Off control strategy and email alert. Once alarm, RIO-2010 will send message to MQTT broker, log event, trigger relay on or off and send email to the administrators.

In addition to MQTT, RIO-2010 also supports Modbus TCP / RTU control and Web AJAX interface which make system integration flexible and easy. The management utility software is available for users to configure network and MQTT, authorized IP to access it and Modbus settings.

Q-NIVERSAL Video Controllers

Check out our new Q-Niversal controller kits for the SunScreen™ panel family. We’ve been so frustrated in the past when LCD companies have offered new panels but no way to drive them. Then you have to hear “that will be 6-8 weeks for the right LVDS cable and board with the proper timing” and “that will be 100 pc minimum” and blah blah blah from all of the guys that make controller cards. If you’ve been frustrated too then we have the right answer for you. Shortly, all of our SunScreen™ panels will have kits available to drive them that will be readily available and cost effective too. Our standard board will have a wide variety of inputs to provide maximum flexibility. You can choose HDMI, VGA, Composite or Component all from a board that is about 3.5” x 5”. The kits will include OSD board and all necessary cables. Easy does it!