AMS Technologies presents Capacitor Charging Power Supplies with up to 3.5kW

The ECAPACITAS Series of Capacitor Charging Power Supplies are designed as a robust and reliable power supply for either 1kV, 2kV and 4kV Operation producing 3.5kW at full voltage

These Power Supplies are used to charge energy storage Capacitors for Medical, Industrial and Optical Applications such as Electroporation, Medical Equipment such as Ultrasonic and Defibrillators, as Charging Units for Pulsed Flash lamps and also for Pulsed Electrostatic Applications in the industrial and automotive fields, amongst others.

The units include Power Factor Correction of more than 0.98 and are also CE marked making them suitable for laboratory as well as for use in OEM Units.

The Capacitor Chargers are remotely controlled via TTL signals and offer Over Temperature, Short circuit, Over Voltage and Open Circuit Protection.

Click here for detailed specifications ECAPACITAS-3kW5

Please also look at our extensive range of Energy Storage Capacitors from 500V to 100kV.

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